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We wish we could offer "free shipping", however, there is no such thing!  These costs are typically buried somewhere – usually in the cost of your furniture.

We have opted instead to give you incredible prices with the assurance that we will shop for the most reliable, dependable, and cost-effective shipping company to deliver your order. 

The “Free Shipping” offer is a challenge and a dilemma for many businesses. Amazon and similar companies have certainly fueled the trend but shipping a 2 lb package is vastly different from shipping a 260 lb dresser that has been wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap, strapped to a skid, and placed on a truck equipped with a liftgate.

If you choose to have your furniture shipped, we have put a number of “MUSTS” in place. These steps are very important.

  1. Someone must be at the designated destination to accept the shipment.
  2. Whoever receives the shipment must do a careful visual check for any possible damage e.g. is it still on the pallet, is the packaging damaged or destroyed, etc. – BEFORE the driver leaves the premises.
  3. Both the driver and the receiver must note any damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE the driver leaves.  If this is not done and damage is discovered later, the chance of us being able to offer you compensation will be slim to none.
  4. If steps 1-3 are not followed, Salt River Rustic will not be liable for repair and/or replacement.